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Rabbits is hell!

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 25, 2011 at 2:10 PM


I had done it. I had really pissed him off this time, I thought to myself as I lowered the tv just a smidge. His eyes were glaring at me, but I decided to be firm and ignore his tantrum.

Thump, Thump!!!

“It won’t help you know,” I said casually looking down.  I reached to pet him but he ran in circles and then bolted back under the couch. I heard the whump of him throwing himself down to mope, and then all was quiet.

Rabbits is hell, I murmured as I mentally told Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News that if he really wanted to see what a stand off was like,he should come to my house!


An Experienced Vet

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 18, 2011 at 1:55 PM

No one tells you when you get a pet that you'll have to check their private parts and make sure that they aren't hurt. No one tells you but if you do your research you may get a rather interesting surprise in Chapter 3 : Heath of Your New Pet. So when I did my check of my bunny boys and found what appeared to be a pimple on Eisley I was unnerved and worried. His nose also had developed what could only be described as a pink spot on the end. One he didn't have before, so the low cost vet I had found the week before was going to meet my bunnies at her open clinic on Saturday.

I'm used to taking dogs to the vet and the cats, even my guinea pig got to go but I was not sure about the bunnies. We popped them into the carry cases and belted them into the car for the 30 minute drive to the doctor. The drive was pleasant and  the bunnies ate hay while sitting in the back. It was a long hour wait but totally worth it.

The Vet took one look at my boys and turned them over quite expertly...something even I can't do. She checked their teeth and their toes, looked at noses and declared them to be in great condition. Eisley it appears has been bumping his nose into things, which doesn't surprise me becuase he's a total clutz and jumps into things. His pimple was just that...a pimple. I was so pleased I nearly jumped for joy.

The best part was because we took only 3 minutes with the vet she refused to charge us. It was, for lack of a better word, FANTABULOUS! She was extremely kind and recommended they get fixed. I was so happy about it I couldn't stop grinning the whole way home. I'm glad the bunnies are doing good and I hope to get them fixed over a weekend or holiday when I can take them in and pick them up the same day without having to rush from work, because traffic is a BEAR!

Bunnies do the dandest things...

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 18, 2011 at 1:50 PM

This is why I try to not leave the bag of hay with the treats in it on the floor... Poor Eisley, he just wanted some of the popped corn.

Keep Calm and Love Rabbits

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 13, 2011 at 1:20 PM
In keeping with all things rabbit, I present you with the Rabbit Wednesday thing I want to own of the week! I found this today on Etsy. A local couple making posters under the name KeepCalmArsenal on Etsy. I recommend taking a minute to check out their store. At $8.99 how can you go wrong? Click on the picture to go to the shop's website!

What they do when we're not home....

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 13, 2011 at 12:40 PM

“The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.” Stephen Wright

It's going great!

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on October 11, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Tonight I'm sitting in my apartment watching Destination Truth and wondering if I should be doing homework instead. It's been a solid month of deadlines and hospital visits that I glad to say  seem to be over. I'm finally over my space plague, despite the fact that I'm just starting to eat solid food again, and my husband is on the mend from surgery. Things are definately looking up! 

A change in direction...

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on September 8, 2011 at 2:55 AM

This website will soon be taking a new direction. I have made a decision to focus more on rabbit care than I currently am, and making my focus more about my family. I am a bit scattered with lots of projects and classes and homework. The result is that things suffer and I'm stressed out. So, in the near future please look for a relaunch of the site, a new podcast with a rabbit focus and fun tidbits and pictures. Also posts will be less often, but I'll still be here...plugging away! Here's to a new Urban Rabbit Future!


Posted by Danielle Jimenez on September 1, 2011 at 1:15 PM

Breakfast in our house during  the week is pretty routine. Wake up and one of us will put on a pot of coffee, the dark devilsh drink of the gods. I eat in the car and Matt eats while I'm getting ready. Usually it's Matt who makes sure that my thermos is ready and the sugar is out. Sometimes, if we have the time,  we run to Starbucks or Petes for a double espresso over ice.  He always drinks his fast and I add a little half and half and sugar. I always drink slowly and let my ice melt to make it last. What we rarely do is stop at a gas station to grab a cup of caffinated sugar syrup. I used to when I was in high school and then while I lived with my parents after college. Coffee has been a routine for a long time. Today the line was long at Starbucks and we didn't have time to wait if I wanted to be at work, so I made the decision to get gas station coffee, and then made an impulse buy of those little packet donuts I used to love! Worst decision of 2011 so far. I had a little in the car, but didn't really drink the coffee until I sat at my desk. It was awful. Thick like cream and all sugar I had two drinks and then tossed it. By this time I had eaten a few donuts and was feeling sick so I threw those out too and ate the apple I had put aside for a snack.

I knew that the things are not like they used to be.  I've been eating relatively differently lately with fresh foods, juice and some really great snacks of hazelnuts and fruit. I didn't realize how much this would affect me so much. I'm kind of grateful, and a little sad that I'm saying goodbye to some of my favorite foods but I'll survive and probably be much healthier for it.

I've noticed a lot of things that have been coming on slowly, healthier fast food and access to better items. Health food aisles are now full in my area, and there's more healthy places to eat. Most items aren't a billion dollars either.  I'm enjoying the accessibility! I'm also looking foward to more changes. My goal is to get healthy so the more things available to me, the better! 

...and only 12 days to my birthday!

Astor and Eisley Update

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 31, 2011 at 7:40 PM

The two bunnies have officially been moved from in the living room and into the bedroom. There were a couple reasons for this, including space but it has also made me realize how active they are at night and how much they need new cages. When we split the current cage so that they wouldn't fight they were little, but they are almost 5 months and seem to need the extra room. This means a trip to Ikea again and saving up for tile and edging. They aren't fixed yet and I know we need to do it soon but I may keep them in seperate cages anyways, so that they have space and a place to call their own. So by Christmas I hope to have brand new spaces for my boys made to last a very long time. I plan on using bathroom tiles for the floors and the edging to make clean up better, as well as making everything leak proof. This will involve some interesting ingenuity on my part, because I want to use a two level expedit but that doesn't make the screens I have usable. I'll just have to improvise. I'll keep you up to date on what I plan on doing and the actual plans for the cages. Please remember that these cages are for when we are not home only, and for sleeping. We do have to supervise them at all times since they are little and supervision is important for the house's sake too. So if you're interested in making one make sure you have a lot of play time. It's very very important.

On another note Astor only has one little booboo to heal up and he'll be ready to go. We were very lucky not to have any serious infections or anything since bunnies are soooo sensitive. I cleaned him up with some betadine in the areas he couldn't reach to lick, washed all his little cuts from the bunny fight and let him relax for a day. He was prettty good about being checked out but I know he knows that I was the one picking him up and taking him to be cleaned because now he tries to hide if I want to pick him up. It's sad but I try to intermix that with general petting and treats. Hopefully he'll come around again. He used to be so well behaved when he needed to be picked up. Hopefully this will help. I do not recommend taking care of wounds yourself if you do not have any experience. I volunteered with vets when I was younger and then worked with small animals at a rescue for a while so some things I feel comfortable with. If you have a good vet they can explain basic first aid for your bunny if they get scratched or hurt, but I will always recommend you see your vet. Since Astor only had two scratches I treated him at home. Eisley was none the worse for wear so he's been very lovable lately. This weekend I plan to spend some quality bunny time!

Sooo adorable!

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 29, 2011 at 5:55 PM
I find this totally adorable!
From Japan's rabbit fashion week.

vacation and the unexpected

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 29, 2011 at 11:25 AM

I've been gone for a couple weeks, most of which has been a mental vacation from worrying about things and taking things slower.  Everyone needs time off and with all the craziness going on I felt it was time to make time for me and my husband. I also was taking time to set up the computer and working on the garden.It's been a heady few weeks of freedom but classess have started again and I wanted to get back into the groove of things.

The rabbits are doing well. We had a small fight about a week ago but with some tender care and a little betadine Astor's cuts are almost all the way healed. I was really concerned there for a while because he had a cut between his lips that I couldn't really put anything on but it healed almost within a couple days. His other cuts have healed very nicely. This confirms the fact that Eisley is the aggressor, though and while I will be having them fixed soon they may never be able to be around each other. Rabbits have a long memory for things that cause them pain. We will have to see but I hope they can at least be around each other.

The balcony garden is about to be restarted. Nothing really got done this last season, but we have a little time and energy and money to start getting ready for winter planting. I'm looking foward to making a little bit of a difference on the patio. We also have a couple chairs that need to be sanded and then repainted for outdoor use. We haven't experienced real rain out at The Burrow, but I'm hoping that the awning on our patio will provide a lot of protection from serious rainfall. I don't want to drown out the plants. This also means that there's going to be a need for seeds. I LOVE this part. Seed catalogs are like mana to my hungry gardening soul. I'm look foward to having a garden much closer to home than at the community plot.

We also took a look at our Emergency kit and I have to say that I'm pretty ashamed of our lack of attention in this area. I hope to really rework it in the next couple of months to replace the items that have gone bad or are completely missing form our kit. Also since we moved a new disaster plan should be in the works for my husband, myself and my sister. A meeting place needs to be determined, and since we're relatively far from home, a plan for if we cannot get our car out in traffic. Luckily we'll be able to stay put for a little while.

I'm also learning a new skill. KNITTING!!! I can crochet ok. ( I suck at counting so sometimes things come out wonky BUT I can make a scarf, or a pretty basic blanket.)  I have never learned to knit though, and while I have been trying for a couple days now, I have not even been able to cast on. I have a lunch time today with nothing to do so I'm thinking of trying again. :) I'll have to get this before christmas since I want to knit a pie. lol.

The Unrequited Love of a Cat

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 16, 2011 at 1:55 PM

I awaken at 3:00am, groggy and wishing I could keep dreaming. In the darkness I blinked blearily trying to focus my eyes. The fan hummed  and my husband, happy in the ice filled room, snored quietly to himself. I, on the other hand, had successfully wrestled all the blankets away from him in my sleep and had built a bearlike den in one corner of the bed.

I poked my head out of the covers a little more trying to figure out what woke me, and for a moment it was really quiet and then...meowwwww



I was suddenly very aware that our cat was very much in heat. A chorus of  'shut up, shut up, shut up' started in my head and I pulled the pillow over my head.


For Cripes Sake. I detangled myself from the blankets, stumbled down the stairs to the front of my sister's door where the cat had made her long term camp and grabbed the kitty into my arms. After a little cuddling and a stern chat about people sleeping I took her upstairs again and put her in our room, under the blankets with me.

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep instantly with the cat purring against side. Next thing I know I'm awoken my the shrill meowing again.

"M.A.E. come here kitty. Come on."


"M.A.E., damn it, come here you stubborn cat. I am not getting up again."


My head swam a little as I contemplated crying with her. Matt snorted  in his sleep as if he knew exactly what I was thinking. I got up again.

M.A.E. realizing I had gotten up to wrangle her away from the door, now hid underneath the entry way bench mewing very quietly in the general direction of my sister's room. Getting on all fours and trying to catch the cat I bumped my head and jammed two fingers. Finally clutching M.A.E. and shaking my hand I stumbled back to the bedroom. This time closing our door. The crying immediately ceased. She curled up on a sweatshirt  and promptly went to bed. My cat's affections are generally limited to my sister. I, however, was wide awake contemplating how our cat has fallen in love with my sister. This has topped the charts of weird animal/people love. A close second being my friend's bunny who keeps trying to make love to her slippers. M.A.E.  focuses all her attention on my sister and goes so far as to love up her shoes. Poor kitty's unrequited love.

(Please note that our cat, M.A.E. - missing an eye- is an indoor cat that does not go outside...ever. We have decided not to put her through the process of going to the vet to get fixed because she is terrified. She has one eye, the other was removed when we rescued her, and the entire process was EXTREMELY traumatizing. [read: she pees herself if we let the vet take her in the back for a couple minutes.] Since she does not leave the house and her chances of getting knocked up are limited to two randy rabbits we will continue to love her and deal with the crying.)

Soothing a savage beast...

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 14, 2011 at 1:55 AM
make a gif

Anger quietly boils in the corner of the room. It is an anger I am, by now, all too familiar with. The thumps are loud enough to bring my sister from her room curious and slightly bemused. “Is he mad again?”

A nod and she wanders back to her room chuckling. This is the second night of this. Yesterday there was a lot of turning his back and looking over his shoulder to check and see if I was paying attention. Tonight, I was sitting with him while he threw things around and stomped just to get his point across. I am of course talking about Eisley.  

The tantrums of an angry rabbit should not be ignored it makes them worse. If you own a rabbit, you know that they can sulk for days. :T Unfortunately you can’t explain that you need to pick them up for whatever reason. Well, you can but I’m not so sure about their ability to understand human.  lol

 I sat there letting him nip my hand and let him attempt to throw it. Luckily he does not nip too hard, and he calms down almost immediately with a chin rub or a head scratch. Tonight, he could not stay mad too long as I applied both methods, and then applied carrots.

While I try my hardest not to pick them up too long or at all if I can help it, sometimes it cannot be avoided, especially when I’ve got to move them to another part of the house. A couple minutes of understanding chat and a couple rubs usually helps, but Eisley happens to be one of the most stubborn rabbits I’ve ever known. I needed to check his nails and various areas for problems. He hates it A LOT. Yesterday I thought I noticed a little cut, but he ran away and hid in his cage. I usually try to respect their space so I left him alone and tried again today. He's okay but he was not pleased.

But we move forward. Carrots will heal a sulking rabbit. So will pears, apples, cucumbers and greens. lol.



A Little Stinkbug! >,<

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 11, 2011 at 12:10 PM

You have got to be kidding...

Posted by Danielle Jimenez on August 10, 2011 at 2:00 PM

...and some of these are really low estimate wise...


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